Customer Reviews

Desert Spring DS3200 Furnace Humidifier w/ DS-AF15 AutoFlush (DSRDAH) - US$

Second Time Around5 Stars
By John Turner
We got one of these Desert Spring humidifiers at our previous home to replace a non-functional drip type. It was easy to install and made such an immediate and significant difference that when we moved we put one in the new house, and it has also been great. We got the auto-flush option both times for convenience, but unfortunately on the latest one it was received defective. It was no problem to get a warranty replacement from HomePlus (came within a week) and it has been working fine since. We love our humidifier.

Humidifer works and looks great5 Stars
By Dan
Simple to install, looks great when finished. Runs really quiet.

Excellent product 5 Stars
By SteveR
Does what it's supposed to. Easy to clean.

Great Unit and seems to work well5 Stars
By Rick Ivanoff
I purchased the Desert Spring whole house humidifier and installed it in the late winter and it seems to work well. The big test will be next winter to see how it works when it's 30 below outside! I also purchased and installed the Autoflush system, but unfortunately I can't use it as I don't have a drain in the basement capable of handling that much water flow. So I am cleaning the drum and inside of the unit manually with 10% cleaning vinegar every so often. A bit of a nuisance but seems to do the job.