The Desert Spring furnace humidifier testimonials

The following are unsolicited real comments received from our customers over the past few years. If you would like to submit a testimonial about the Desert Spring, please email it to: Thanks!

I've had one of these units for several years now. It is simply fantastic. My house is around 5800 sq ft in total, and this unit brings the winter inside air up to 40+ percent. Nothing else comes close to working like this product does! - J. Bittner

(Note: we generally only recommend the Desert Spring for homes up to 3200 sq ft).

I recently purchased one of your Desert Spring Humidifiers and must tell you that I am very satisfied with the unit. I have NEVER been able to get the humidity in our house above 33% with the Aprilaire unit we had. - Bill in Massachusetts

I installed your whole house system a few days ago. We live in a very dry area - Mammoth Lakes California and needed some moisture in the air. Our humidity level in the house is now a comfortable 40%. My breathing is much better with respect to my allergies. Your system was easy to install. - Vince

I have recently installed a Desert Spring Humidifier on my furnace, and I am prompted to contact you to tell you how terrific it is! No longer do I have to mess with sloppy, corrosive bowls of calcified salts and clogged filter media. The engineering on the unit is superb. It brings a smile to my face every time I walk by my furnace. I have purchased the Auto Flush unit, and I am pleased that is has been already shipped. I expect its installation to be as easy as the humidifier itself. It is a great relief to know that I will never have to get my hands soaked in corrosive humidifier water again. - David Pecatonica, Illinois

Thanks! Bought it. Installed it. Love it. Great design. Puts April Aire to shame. Wish I knew about it for my last house...and parents house. Thanks again. - Annon., submitted by email

I bought and installed your humidifier on my furnace late last summer. In the previous 10 years, I had installed 4 different humidifiers and replaced 100s of pads. I had to replace pads every month, because they were completely clogged. I tried feeding these humidifiers with both hard water, and soft water, each fouled the pads. I was apprehensive when I ordered your humidifier. When I received it, I was very impressed with the quality and design. Installation was easy, and it has run without maintenance for 4 months, and still looks new. I also installed and highly recommend the autoflush unit, which I am convinced has a lot to do with how clean the humidifier still is. In actual operation, the house remains very comfortable, and there has yet to be a single electrical spark shooting out of anyone's finger. I am a very happy customer who highly recommends this product. - Dan, from New Hampshire

I wanted to send an email to tell you that your customer service is some of the best I have had to deal with. I ordered a humidifier last night for the house I live in... what I didn't realize was that my brother whom I live with had ordered one earlier that morning. I realized late last night while talking to him what had happened, so I said I would call your company in the morning to cancel my order since his order had almost certainly been processed by then and mine had not. Well, I got busy at work and forgot to call your company and cancel. Needless to say, I was quite surprised when I received a call from one of your representatives telling me they noticed that they had two orders going to the same address and were wondering if it was a mistake. I was very, very impressed that you were able to pick up on this mistake, let alone call me to correct it. I truly believe that most companies would have went ahead and shipped both orders just to make a buck and let me deal with returning it. I will be moving into a new house later this year and will be ordering a humidifier from your company. Thank you for the excellent service. - Timothy, from Missouri

Grant, I received my humidifier yesterday and it was everything you said it was. I was never so happy to discard my old one and install this much higher quality product. I know we had some issues getting it to my doorstep [our first shipment to Mr. Kalusa was lost in the mail system], but Highqproducts and yourself took care of your customer like real professionals. I was so very impressed on how fast you acted to get my product re-sent to me. Please keep up the great work. Thank you again. - Frank Kalusa

I would like to let you know how pleased I was with the ease of installation of your product. We replaced an older humidifier and we were very impressed with the engineering behind the humidifier and you could tell that someone with \"handy man\" experience was involved to make the installation as easy on the homeowner as possible. Thank you so much for a quality product. - Received by email, October 25, 2007

We live in a hard water area. The Desert Spring is the first humidifier that stayed running. All others shut off in about 6 weeks. This machine is amazing. It just won't scale up. My whole family can breathe. - Tom, Beth, Robbie & Katie, from Ontario

Constant operation at last. No glitches or hassle. I don't have to throw out drum pads and sponges. All I do is a monthly drain and a yearly disk clean up. We love it. - Jay & Roxy, from Saskatoon

No more nose bleeds. This Desert Spring Humidifier is a dream to maintain. It runs like a charm. I don't have to replace any parts on this one. - Leon, from Anchorage

Breathe It In by Cliff Gromer, Popular Mechanics Magazine, April 1999
Popular Mechanics lists the Desert Spring Furnace Humidifier in its 'Great Stuff' roundup for April 1999. The write-up cites such advantages as decreased maintenance and increased efficiency.