Customer Reviews

Desert Spring AutoFlush System (DS-AF15) - US$

Replacement Part5 Stars
By Steve
I bought an auto flush valve for my Dessert Spring humidifier. It failed. I was sent new one.

Works great5 Stars
By Chuck
If you have a water control valve, make sure it is set to allow enough water to quickly replace the water in the tank during the flush cycle. Since I got this adjusted correctly, no buildup after 2 months. I use 6 minute flush every 4 hours.

easy install4 Stars
By mgjensen
can't get it to flush once a week

Needs to be replaced frequently3 Stars
By Pete Hickey
We love the Desert Spring Humidifer, but find that the auto-flush system seems to need to be replaced frequently. We purchased the original system in 2013 and had to replace the auto-flush in 2017. We had to replace it again in 2021. Now two years later, we are replacing it yet again, so this will be the 4th auto-flush unit we have used in 10 years in this home. We have a water softener so I don't believe it's due to hard water scale, etc.

Desert Spring AutoFlush System (DS-AF15)4 Stars
By KopyKat
The product works fine and the customer service is excellent. I'm bit concerned about durability and reliability as this unit is all plastic and battery operated. The one it replaced had a metal housing and ran on 120VAC. Wish this had been a bit less expensive, but if it lasts 20-years like the old one, it'll be worth it.