The Desert Spring furnace humidifier installation

Desert Spring furnace humidifierThe installation of a Desert Spring can be done by any homeowner with basic do-it-yourself / "home handyman" skills and a simple set of general household tools. The Desert Spring humidifier gains its water supply using a simple self-piercing saddle valve, so no plumbing knowledge or skills are required. Similarly, each Desert Spring is shipped with a handy 24 volt plug-in style electrical transformer so there is no need to do any complex wiring - just plug it into a standard 110 volt electrical outlet!* The installation of the AutoFlush and anti-scale water filter is similarly straight forward.

Installation Manuals (Adobe PDF Format):

Desert Spring DS3200-M Humidifier Desert Spring AutoFlush Anti-Scale Humidifier Filter
Desert Spring Furnace Humidifier Manual Desert Spring Humidifier AutoFlush Manual adobe

*Note: The Desert Spring can be wired into the furnace fan motor if you prefer. Please see instruction manual for more details.